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What Does It Mean To Be An Authorised Soft Wash Systems Company?

The Soft Wash Systems 50 Point Standard serves as the pinnacle of excellence and a guiding framework for authorised companies.

Comprising five key sections—Professionalism, Equipment, Chemicals, Safety, and Education—this comprehensive standard embodies the values and practices that distinguish authorised In-Network Companies. Within the realm of exterior cleaning, adherence to these meticulously crafted guidelines ensures not only the delivery of exceptional service but also a commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and continuous education. From professionalism that demands transparent proposals and employee background checks to equipment standards emphasising the exclusive use of cutting-edge technology, the 50 Point Standard is a testament to Soft Wash Systems’ unwavering dedication to industry-leading practices. Through this standard, companies like us elevate the soft wash experience, setting a benchmark for excellence that encompasses every facet of their operations.

Section One: Professionalism

Professionalism is the foundation of our ethos at Excel Cleaning. As an In-Network Company, we adhere to the following standards:

  • Health and Safety Compliance: At Excel Cleaning we pledge to meet the minimum Health and Safety Standards required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

  • Insurance Assurance: We ensure we meet and exceed minimum standards for insurance, displaying certificates in our offices and service vehicles.
  • Clear Identification: Our vehicles at Excel Cleaning are clearly identified with the company name, logo, and contact information.
  • Transparent Proposals: Before commencing work, we provide customers with clear and complete proposals, ensuring transparency in all transactions.

  • Background Checks: Excel Cleaning runs background checks on employees, prioritising customer safety.

  • Uniforms and Badges: Our employees wear uniforms and carry identification badges for professionalism and safety.

  • Customer Complaint Resolution: At Excel Cleaning we pledge to address and resolve customer complaints promptly and equitably.

These professionalism standards are not just guidelines but an integral part of our commitment to excellence.

Section Two: Equipment

At Excel Cleaning we place a premium on the quality of its equipment, ensuring it meets the highest standards:

  • Soft Washing Module: We exclusively use Soft Wash Systems technology for our soft wash cleaning operations.

  • Power Washer Training: When using power washers, our technicians receive proper training to ensure quality standards.

  • Water Conservation: Protocols are in place to ensure soft washing operations use 1/3 the water of traditional power washing.

  • No Mechanical Agitation: At Excel Cleaning we refrain from using mechanical agitation for removing stains from roofing materials, ensuring the longevity of roofs.

  • Equipment Maintenance: Spraying equipment and holding tanks are regularly maintained, adhering to UK DFT standards.

Our commitment to equipment standards guarantees not only effective operations but also the longevity of their clients’ properties.

Section Three: Chemicals

We understand the importance of using environmentally friendly and effective chemicals:

  • Exclusive Use of SoftWash Systems Chemicals: At Excel Cleaning we  exclusively use Soft Wash Systems Good Stewards soft washing chemicals and surfactants.
  • Adherence to Standards: Chemicals used by us follow industry standards, including those outlined by ARMA.

  • Safety and Education: We are  committed to educating our team on the safety and usage of soft wash cleaning chemicals.

By adhering to these chemical standards, we ensure a safe and eco-friendly approach to soft wash cleaning.

Section Four: Saftey

Safety is a non-negotiable priority for us at Excel Cleaning:

  • Continuous Education: At Excel Cleaning we participate in yearly educational opportunities to stay abreast of industry advancements.

  • Proper Ladder Usage: Our employees undergo training in the correct placement and usage of ladders.

  • Fall Safety: We are proficient in fall safety, ensuring the safe use of body harnesses and equipment.

  • Roof Walking Prohibition: Our technicians never walk on a pitched roof, complying with UK regulations.

  • MEWP Proficiency: Our employees are trained in the use of access MEWP equipment following industry standards.

Our commitment to safety is not just a legal requirement; a pledge to protect both our team and our clients.

Section Five: Education

Education is a cornerstone of our philosophy at Excel Cleaning’s:

  • First Aid Training: At Excel Cleaning we provide First Aid training for all team members.

  • Ladder Safety Classes: Employees undergo ladder safety and inspection classes.

  • PPE Training: We educate our team on the proper use of Personal Protection Equipment.

  • Community Contribution: We actively contribute to educational discussions within the Soft Wash Systems community.

  • Environmentally Responsible Practices: At Excel Cleaning we adhere to best practices for the collection of run-off and waste streams.

By prioritising education, we don’t only ensure the safety of our team but we also contribute to the broader knowledge base of the Soft Wash Systems community.

In Conclusion

Our commitment to the Soft Wash Systems 50 Point Standard goes beyond mere compliance; it is a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch services in a professional, safe, and environmentally responsible manner. As an In-Network Company, we set the bar high for excellence in the soft wash industry, ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of their clients and the community at large.

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